SHEPHERDS is a world leader in the design, development and manufacture of video security system and supporting equipments. With a long and prestigious history of offering high-quality products and exceptional customer service, Shepherds has become the most sought after product supplier in the industry. Operating from the largest manufacturing complex of these products in the world. Shepherds produces a complete offering of cameras, enclosures, positioning systems, network video products, matrix systems, digital video recorders and other video security electronics products in the never-ending pursuit of achieving 100-percent satisfaction for its customers. Respected as a major product innovator, manufacturer of a large number of special equipment items as well including IP and Network-based video systems, digital video recorders and a wide range of camera positioning and systems.

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  • Unit 4 East, No.84, Ravanpour St.
    Nelson Mandela Blvd, Tehran, Iran
  • 98 21 22019733
  • 98 21 22027586
  • 98 21 22654989
  • 98 21 22654988

About Us

Atlas Energy Tec represents 15 years of experience and specialist knowledge in Fire Alarm Systems, Fire Fighting Systems, Fire & Gas Detection Systems, Electronic Surveillance & Telecommunication in below sectors within Iran.